Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Can They Keep Him?

Peter MacKay goes to Afghanistan.

But seriously folks: if losing fifteen soldiers over three years is enough to convince people to pull out of Afghanistan, imagine how quickly we would have folded against the Germans in World War I with this attitude, when we were losing fifteen soldiers in three seconds.


davidson said...

WW1 to Afghanistan= apples to oranges

Alberta Girl said...

davidson - you seem to make simple statements with no backup. I would ask - have you ever fought in a war or even been part of the military?

It is my opinion that we in Canada have a laisse-faire attitude towards war of any kind because

1. most of us are not old enough to have been affected by WWII and

2. we have not been affected by war on our soil.

If terrorists are allowed to think that the world is backing off, we may just experience #1 and #2.

Think about it!

Craig said...

Since the year 2000 48 Canadian Peace Keepers and Peace Makers have died in the line of duty ON CANADIAN SOIL.

Yes - 48 police officers have given their lives for us right here at home. MORE peace makers have died here at the hands of our own citizens than our soldiers have at the hands of war mongers in foreign war torn lands.

Now THAT is something to think about for all of those bleeding hearts who do not support war.

The WAR is here in our own communities.