Thursday, May 04, 2006

Flash Fry

As we speak, the residents of Prince George are celebrating Hedy Fry's declaration of her candidacy for the Liberal leadership.

Already Liberals are patting themselves on the back for finding a candidate who fits several different categories of tokenism: a token Westerner (well, Vancouver is still technically out west somewhere), a token black woman (to balance out the two white woman also-rans), a token immigrant (one Trinidadian outranks two Italians), with the appropriate ethical baggage (forging prescriptions for lesbian couples) and rapid-fire lip-from-hip-to-foot shooting capability.

The Liberals are now one candidate shy of a dozen, and with John "Vichy" McCallum weighing his options over a few too many at the airport bar, and Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette trying to win votes and recognition outside her immediate family, it will soon be a baker's dozen.

Some would say that having a dozen leadership candidates instead of three (like the Tories did the last time) is a sign of health and strength.

Or it could be a sign of the Liberal Party's confusion after having coronated its last three leaders years in advance about how to actually run a contested leadership campaign.

Or a sign that they're disintegrating into more warring factions than downtown Baghdad.

Or a sign that the apocalypse is upon us.

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Alberta Girl said...

Now, Now - According to Steve McKinnon (liberal strategists) on Duffy yesterday, only a great party could attract such a number of capable and highly qualified men and women.

Yep Steve - you just spin, spin, spin that thought. If you say it enought, Liberals will believe you.

Unfortunately it is becoming almost a joke and my prediction, Canadians are going to be sooooo tired of the "Liberal leadership contest" that by the time it actually happens, they will care less.