Saturday, May 27, 2006

Jane Taber: Hot? Not!

Giggling schoolgirl reporterette Jane Taber is not sitting idly by while PMO snubs her and the rest of her PPG pals. She's pounding the pavement and working her sources to provide the sort of hard-nosed political reporting needed to justify her salary and expense account:


Liberal: Hy's Steakhouse and cocktail bar; D'arcy McGee's Irish Pub on Sparks Street.

Conservative: Hy's Steakhouse (it underwent a renovation after the Tory victory, but with its dark wood and plush seating looks pretty much the same) and D'arcy McGee's continue to be favourites of all sorts and political stripes of staffers. The new power breakfast spot is the Sheraton Ottawa Hotel.



Liberal: Paul Martin wasn't fussy about who cut his hair and frequented different barbershops around town.

Conservative: Rinaldo's. It was the choice hair salon of the Mulroneys, and its haircutters are responsible for Stephen Harper's new election 'do.



Liberal: Paul Martin loved Kraft Dinner.

Conservative: Stephen Harper has been known to buy hot dogs from street vendors.

This is exactly what people have been looking for instead of the recycling of press releases and televised kabuki theatre. Well done, Jane! Maybe you'll make a real live reporter one day!

Source: The Annex's National Newspaper


Steve said...

Given the quality of the coverage coming from the PPG these days, she might be up for a national newspaper award for that one.

Anonymous said...

Has the Globe and Mail decided that Insane Jane has become a liability?
Boy, that must burn. All that hard work trashing the liberal's opponents and now there's no chance of her getting a senate seat or communications job with the government and certainly no shot at being the next GG.
Maybe she needs a T-shirt. "I threw my ethics in the garbage can and all I got was this lousy T-shirt".

Platty said...

Did you catch Janes meltdown on Question Period last week? Accusing the Conservatives of lying and then almost smirking her face into implosion as Rona Ambrose calmly refuted all of Jumpin' Jane's ridiculous claims.

x2para said...

she's an babbling baboon; she actually said on tv that she wasn't biasd. huh?? You have to give the liberal party credit. They have managed to create an entire army of zombie like flunkies who don't even realized they have been bamboozled.

Anonymous said...

Surely there is a high school newspaper somewhere that would love to have Jane as their star reporter

Anonymous said...

Oh,I am SO going to go make Kraft Dinner Right now, thanks dis and dis.

(ps, i always enjoy reading your blog)