Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Da Vinci Blows

I have refrained from discussing The Da Vinci Code because I have figured that the hype surrounding the book and movie would eventually collapse of its own weight. Dan Brown's lack of literary ability and the ease with which his recycled theories can be debunked were bound to catch up with him, though not before duping many gullible folks into believing in them.

Brown may have been able to shrug off the condemnations of church leaders, literary critics and scholars, but one group's condemnation will finish him and his tripe off once and for all:

The Da Vinci Code" drew lukewarm praise, shrugs of indifference, some jeering laughter and a few derisive jabs Tuesday from arguably the world's toughest movie crowd: critics at the Cannes Film Festival.

The year's most anticipated movie, "The Da Vinci Code" was a generally faithful adaptation of Dan Brown's monster best seller, spinning a murder thriller that stems from a cover-up of secrets about Christianity's roots.

While readers worldwide devoured the novel, reaction from Cannes critics ranged from mild endorsement of its potboiler suspense to groans of ridicule over its heavy melodrama.

When the Cannes crowd speaks, movie reviewers and the industry listen. This spells death for any critical acclaim the film might receive: there will be no Oscars for The Da Vinci Code next year.

The Cannes jury verdict: guilty of mediocre movie making.

Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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Steve said...

Most movie goers could care less what the critics (especially from Cannes) say about a movie like this. Even if it is a critical dud (like the book), it is destined to be a monster hit.

I quite enjoyed the book even if it was far from a literary masterpiece. Then again, I never did make it through more than 10 pages of Ulysses. I will probably go to the movie too. Who really cares if it is not Fellini? Plus anything that gets the church all riled up merits a look.