Thursday, May 18, 2006

Brokeback Mounties

Who the fuck would have believed this could ever happen in the RCMP?

On a Friday night in Yarmouth this June, Const. Jason Tree and Const. David Connors will don their scarlet dress uniforms, stand before family, friends and co-workers and wed in the first same-sex marriage in the RCMP’s storied history.

In an interview in their Meteghan home Wednesday afternoon, the men said they’ve had great support from the national police force, the community and their families.

"I’ve never had a single problem," said Const. Tree, 27, a native of Fredericton, who has worked in southwestern Nova Scotia for six years and is posted in Meteghan.

The pair, who’ve dated since meeting at the University of New Brunswick more than eight years ago, will be married by a justice of the peace at the Rodd Grand Hotel on June 30. Each will write his own vows, and each will have a best man. They expect plenty of fellow officers to attend and have yet to decide if they’ll have their colleagues form an honour guard for them. They plan to honeymoon in France and England.

Shaking my head here in disbelief. If the Mounties can be corrupted by this nonsense, there's no hope for any other institution.

Source: Halifax Chronicle-Herald


x2para said...

the OPP can't even dismantle a simple barricade and the RCMP has sunk to this. The victory of the left is complete, they have succeded in turning our police forces (ops can't say that anymore, its Service now) into a bunch of candy ass social working poofdaa's

Anonymous said...

Are they allowed to use their uniforms in this manner?

Anonymous said...

Obviously they had the blessing of thier C.O. If I were their superior I'd be saying if you 2 put on your uniform for that shit; it will be the last time you EVER put it on.

The RCMP has become a politically correct fucking joke. It's an arm of the Liberal party not a police force.

Les Mackenzie said...

Didn't an RCMP officer run for office then get turfed because he was politicizing the RCMP?

Wouldn't this also apply?

Anonymous said...

You conservative clowns should not trash the entire RCMP because 2 of its members want to get married.

What is wrong with 2 people wanting to be happy?

Steve said...

The personal choices of two mounties is no one's concern but their own. But I agree that it is totally inappropriate that their personal choice be politicized by wearing RCMP uniforms.

Virtually every police force has regulations regarding the appropriate occasions under which its uniform should be worn. It is hard to imagine this is one of them. Unless, it is also the accepted practise for conventional, opposite-sex marriages, the RCMP is needlessly courting controversy.

I feel sorry for other "straight" RCMP officers who will inevitably be the butt of many a joke questioning their sexuality because of this. They deserve our respect, not ridicule.

Anonymous said...

The RCMP is now a tourist attraction item, and when I see those little girls in uniforms posing for pictures or being used for backdrop effects by Politicians , I realize it's merely a propaganda and employment wing of the Federal Fovernment as the CBC was under the Corrupt rule of Chretien and Martin.

In Toronto it is a fact that in 90% of the cases where a female Officer encounters the duty to enforce the law and deal with a crime, females call for back-ups ( Translation: Real Cops to do the tough work) and tie-up patrol cars for the response to help her.

And for the record, the Headdress issue went much deeper than the Politicians wanted to reveal in the RCMP and Toronto Police force.
Any Officer with religious head gear is exempt from dangerous duty like "Riot squads" for crowd control, this is a fact because safety helmets can't fit over top of some bulky headdress pieces.
Plus, the gun-laws in canada are a joke, did you know that non-Citizens can carry handguns while Citizens need history checks and permits.

Just phone the Toronto Police Services Board and ask if it's true that non-Citizens can be hired and carry a gun as a cop.
The background check appears to only cover the time they landed in Canada, and for external checks they just assume the person wouldn't lie.

Don't tell Al-Qaeda about these free guns and cars to attack Jewish areas in the disguise of Police patrols. The 9/11 attack only need one day to inflict the damage and it was planned while Muslims abided their time for Jihad.

Andrew said...

That's not what they mean by "they always get their man"

Anonymous said...

So Ian Bush is murdered by the RCMP and you're worried about gay officers getting married?

Oh you privledged few.

Anonymous said...

This is great! I wish these guys all the best.

Paul MacPhail said...

Can't see any difference in two gay officers working together and getting married than two straight officers of the opposite sex. Love the title though!

K S said...

Regarding the "use of their uniforms," it's entirely normal for RCMP members to wear their uniforms for ceremonial occasions like their own weddings. Jason and Dave-- who happen to be friends of mine-- are perfectly entitled to wear their uniforms to get married. Same-sex marriage is a legal reality in Canada now, and the world hasn't ended, there's no fire raining from the sky. Get over it.
No one is being harmed by the government finally, correctly, extending EQUAL rights (including to the legal, civil institution of marriage) to gay people. The only ones who *imagine* they're being harmed are those straight people who took their rights-- their former exclusionary privelages-- for granted. Their petty insecurities are all in an uproar because they don't get to exclude gay couples from their "club" anymore. They don't have-- to borrow a favourite phrase of theirs-- their "special right" anymore. What a *terrible* hardship for them to bear.

Anonymous said...

K S is right. Obviously. Reading this post and so many of the rest of the comments here makes me embarrassed that so many of you probably belong to the Conservative Party. For your information, a conservative supports men of honour who have chosen to protect us as their duty. A conservative judges a man by how he carries out his duty. Most important, a conservative believes in and fights to protect individual liberty and freedom. If some of you were religious folks I could understand your not agreeing with something you believe to be sinful - personally, I am opposed to gambling - but I do not read faith into what you are saying. Just closet-case, small-dick, big-mouth bigots. Fuck you. Fuck you all. Fuckety fuck fuck fuck off.

bunny said...

I think this is a great step towards equality for all Canadians. I think everyone can learn something about tolerance, acceptance and humanity by hearing of such a story. It's clear their fellow RCMP's respect them and support them. It's sad that homophobes continue to spread their disrespect and immaturity through vile comments.

Anonymous said...

My cousin married an RCMP officer two years ago. He wore his uniform at the ceremony. He started cheating on her after a month or so and after six months, the marriage was over.

Where was your outrage then?

Mind your own damn business and get worked up about something real, for a change. You Conservatives don't really have all that much time.

jolene57 said...

Isn't it true that one of our main Canadian Values is equality and fairness? If people do not agree with gay marriage for moral reasons, that is their choice, but homosexuals should not have to sacrifice their own happiness to please the rest of society. These men do not deserve to be judged or made to feel like outsiders just because they are RCMP officers, they are still humanbeings and deserve to share a life together if that is what they choose. We are all humanbeings and all need to treat one another as such and we need to get rid of our narrowminded points of view and just enjoy life!

Phyl said...

HURRAY that equality under the law is available to absolutely every Canadian citizen now! Who could possibly believe in democracy and human rights and want to deny this equality to every citizen in our great country?? Congratulations to these two people, and much love and happy life together!

Anonymous said...

I am a heterosexual city cop in Ontario. To see what is happening in the RCMP is very dissapointing. I grew up as a Christian, and still practice my Christisn beliefs. What these two men are doing is wrong. Being a homosexual is NOT the Christian way of life. Read ANY bible and you will see that. I am tired of society trying to make me feel guilty because I don't support gay marriage. The government of Canada is losing control. When they started letting police officers in Toronto wear turbans instead of the proper head dress every other officer has to wear. Do you think if I moved to India and wanted to be a police officer there, they wouldn't mind that I didn't wear a turban? No, I'd probably be shot for dishonouring their uniform. Canada has lost control. We are so far past "the line" now, that I don't think we will ever get back to when our Christian beliefs and foundations were paramount in our society. And in case you have forgotten, Canada was made what it is today by hard working western europeans with wholesome values. Not by a bunch of gays in red mountie uniforms or cops in turbans. I wish the founder of the Western Canadian Mounted Police could see what has happened to the police service today. It is a crying shame. It's no wonder that Canada is a complete joke to every other country around the world. If our government doesn't start taking a stand and puts their foot down and actually says "no!" how will anyone ever us seriously? We might as well just throw out the Bible and the Criminal Code of Canada and say "screw it, do what you want. Who cares about our beliefs?" Yeah, that sounds like a country I'd like to live in.

Anonymous said...

Canada is not a joke! It scares me that a person in your position would agree with such a comment. I would love to know what country your comparing us to? Who is better then us? huh? Want to send your kids to a place where they can learn to hold a gun too? Canada is in fact "a model country" you should pass that on! You are correct that we have stepped over the line. I'm happy to live in a country that has it's own voice (including yours) and does not simply "follow & obey"! How many other countries do you know of that "is starting" to include the voices of ALL it's people? It's about time any country made a leap forward. Live in the 19th century if you wish but you do not represent all of us. I just pray that more Canadians can agree with that! We have done so much for all other countries to see and learn from. Harper, I hope your reading! Way to grow Canada! Hence why soo many people "want" to live here! Congratulations Jason and David wish you the best!

Matthew MacDonald said...

Good grief.... why is this even an issue?

Is this an issue to you?

Women soldiers on front lines

Interracial marriages

Women having right to vote

Freedom to shop on Sundays


Universal access to health care regardless income

Universal access to education regardless income

Same sex marriages

Blacks in military

Obviously they are not an issue anymore.

It's just... what's so wrong with diversity? Why must we be scared of it? We can't just think and live inside the box all the times.

We must be able to think outside of the box constantly because how else do we advance as a society if we aren't open to new ideas or changes?

God Bless these mounties! They're showing you that there is nothing... oh so big deal about it... they are no different than anyone else...

Perhaps it's not the fact that homophobics have problem with them being gay or being in a position of upholding the law but rather it's the fact that every negative stereotypes about gay men now flies in their faces.

In other words, the society has just advanced on this particular issue.


Anonymous said...

These two selfish mounties have made Canada the laughing stock of the world. I am a Brit, I spend most of my time in continental Europe, and by the ammount of negative news coverage of that event all over Europe, I think its safe to say that they have done Canada and the RCMP a great deal of dishoner by wearing their uniforms for the ceremony. I'm not anti-gay, but that is going to far in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Please leave your religion out of this. It is not part of your job. Whatever one's opinion of this wedding (which I think is wonderful, BTW), don't drag in your holy book unless you're ready to give equal weight to the Torah, the Qu'ran, the Vedas (Hindu), etc... and let's be honest, NO religion really gives a shit about any other. Obviously, if the world were agnostic, you'd have NO religious hatred at all (Agnosticism: belief in a higher power; everything else is plausable but unprovable so why kill people over it?). And if you're still a christian after all the church has done to stop man's progress (and especially WOMEN'S progress)... crusades, inquisitions, indulgences, co-opting of pagan holidays, land-grabbing, tax-evading, witch-burning, institutionalized child molestion... then please, keep it to yourself :)

Peace be with you unless you're gay then you can burn in hell according to jesus' love yada yada yada...

Anonymous said...

Ian Bush deserved to be shot for trying to murder an RCMP officer.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.