Monday, May 29, 2006

The Evil Amongst Us

A steady diet of Islamist propaganda, liberally seasoned with multicultural indifference or hostility towards the Canadian host culture, topped off with a few helpings of regular CBC viewing or university liberal arts courses, will eventually produce this:

Canada has its own crop of home-grown terrorists capable of acts like the deadly attacks on London’s transit system last summer, Canada’s spy agency says.

“I can tell you that all of the circumstances that led to the London transit bombings . . . are resident here and now in Canada,” Jack Hooper, operations director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, told a Senate committee Monday.


Hooper pointed to several examples of people who had lived in Canada, and later took part in terrorist attacks. He said a common thread was time spent training at terror camps in Afghanistan.

“When we talk about the homegrown terrorist phenomenon, these are people. . . in most instances who are Canadian citizens,” said the CSIS deputy. “You can’t remove them anywhere.

“Most of them are very young. A lot of them were born here. A lot of them who were not born here emigrated to Canada with their parents at a very young age.”

We cannot even assume that they are all first-generation Canadians of Middle Eastern descent.

Some of them may be John Walker Lindh types--white Anglo-Saxon Canadians looking for answers and direction in life and finding them at the local radical mosque.

If and when Islamic terror strikes Canada, its foot soldiers will be Canadian-born and educated.

Source: Toronto Star


Anonymous said...

Remember the Khadr Klan,and how about the Jihad at Concordia by Arab and Muslims foreign Students.

Muhammad Elmasry from the U of Waterloo has gone on record as declaring all Israelis over 18 as valid targets for murder by suicide bombers, and Elmasry is a buddy of George Galloway who just said that Muslims have the moral right to murder Tony Blair as suicide bombers because of his stance on Iraq.

Tarek Fatah was on a TVO debate show and stated that Muslims are under the Laws in the Quran to create an Islamic State in a area where they become the majority, so why do Muslim leaders become shocked when Freedom loving citizens question the real teachings of the Quran and islam.

Anonymous said...

If as anonymous says that jews over 18 are targeted by suicide bombers, then I guess I become a target to because my boss and the business are Jewish owned. I'm not but that's not to say that something won't happen to me. Just being there makes you vulnerable to attack. And the place is open to
the public to. We also help charities in Israel.


Anonymous said...

I read in the Sun or Post that Sid Ryan and his Union will support the
Palestinians. How awful.

Mark, Ottawa said...

The Crvena Zvezda , in its PC madness, never uses the words "Islamic" or "Muslim" to describe the home-grown terrorist threat.

Good grief! Maybe telling the truth might hurt circulation.