Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Final Justice?

It's always heartening to see a good political move that is also essentially just and honourable, such as the announcement of the Air India bombing public inquiry.

The two masterminds behind the 1985 bombing that killed 329 people are walking around free because one of their co-conspirators cut himself a plea bargain for testimony against them that he conveniently couldn't remember at trial.

An inquiry will not give them their just deserts, but it will put the mark of their crime on them, forever.

And some measure of justice will finally be done.

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Anonymous said...

Only in Canada eh.

Somehow a Judge believed the person that confessed to MAKING the bomb for these yahoos, YET another Judge felt there wasn't enough evidence to convict the two men connected to the plot to blow up the Plane.

Only in Canada could the Liberal Party get people to steal Tax-dollars to fund CREEC ( Committee to re-elect Chretien) and when caught by the persons aiding in the theft that confess to a Judge and have records to prove it was Political, Martin and Chretien walk away completely absovled of responsibility by using the Sgt.Schultz defense that they saw nothing, and heard nothing.

Gotta love the "Charter Of Rights" , you're innocent until proven a non-Liberal.