Friday, May 05, 2006

Husbands And Wives

Canada's most prominent homosexual interest group has finally admitted, if only in its usual contemptuous manner, that marriage is a unique union of husband and wife:

A gay-rights group says it is "dismayed" with Statistics Canada over the way it treats same-sex couples in the May 16 census, saying the federal agency has complicated the way same-sex couples are counted.

The census form instructs same-sex couples who are married to check the "Other" category at the bottom of the list of relationships, rather than checking the top box marked "Husband or wife."

Egale Canada is urging same-sex married couples to list their relationships as "Husband or wife" rather than "Other;" it assures same-sex couples that Statistics Canada will record either response correctly as a married same-sex couple.

You can usually figure out at first glance who plays the "husband" and "wife" in a homosexual couple; such couplings always try to replicate, if only in parody, the proper man and woman relationship. In a backhanded way, that's a recognition of the true nature of human coupling and its necessity to society. Vice's tribute to virtue, if you will.

Since the courts have forced a redefinition of civil marriage, can forcing a redefinition of husband and wife be far behind? Simply define the terms as representing the performance of the traditional masculine and feminine roles in marriage. If a homosexual couple won't agree or can't decide which is which, courts can take evidence of who does what and decide accordingly.

For obvious reasons, I shall not speculate on what the requisite evidence might be.

Or we could keep the courts from having to perform such nonsense by repealing same-sex "marriage."

The more one claims that the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation, the further the state reaches in..

Source: Toronto Star


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Excellent post! I find it so ironic that gay couples have been finding it easier to get married than divorced too! The language surrounding cheating and affairs had to be changed to allow a jilted spouse to get a divorce. How ironic!

funkmeister said...

Your observations are consistent with queer theory which is attempting to redefine male and female. Organizations like GLSEN are actively lobbying education boards to redefine their curriculum to limit the use of labels like boy and girl starting as early kindergarten. They would also like to challenge children to think of gender as something that changes overtime. Scary!