Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Manning Stands Down

Preston Manning will not seek the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party.

Jim Dinning's coronation may now proceed apace.

And the Alberta Alliance breathes an even bigger sigh of relief, now that it is not doomed to extinction as the most likely successor following the PC Party's eventual collapse.

Source: Globe and Mail


The Invisible Hand said...

Saying that Dinning is guaranteed to win is waaaay too premature. Heck, even the idea that he's the frontrunner is based on little more than media speculation.

hunter said...

Dinning is a wimp, as an Albertan, he will not get my vote. We need someone who can make sure the Feds don't take us to the cleaners, and Dinning is not it!

Brian C said...

Agreed Dinning has not been part of the Alberta government for almost a decade and now thinks he should be chief. I know he wants better education in Alberta but that's about it. One good thing about Dinning is that he was involved with the Calgary Health Region and the Canadian Clean Power Coalition.