Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Marrying Kind

Notorious polygamist Winston Blackmore is more right than he knows when he says this:

A U.S. polygamist on the FBI's most wanted list is probably in Canada, says his Canadian rival.

Winston Blackmore, who leads a breakaway Mormon polygamous sect based in Bountiful, B.C., says Warren Jeffs would be the "dumbest person if he weren't in Canada.''

Indeed. If Jeffs plays his cards right, he might just be granted refugee status on grounds of sexual orientation. He can't help being a polygamist; he was born that way, and American authorities are violating his fundamental human dignity and right to love whom he will.

And if he waits a little longer, he'll be able to legally marry all his wives.

At least one of the polygamous wives is demonstrating an understanding of how to play to the liberal elites who will eventually pass legal judgment on polygamy:

Among Blackmore's other legal difficulties, some of his wives face deportation back to the United States after their visitors' visas expired and requests to stay in Canada on compassionate grounds were rejected.

Marsha Chatwin said between three of them, they've had 16 Canadian children.

"We bring variety to Canadian culture,'' said Chatwin, who choked up as she added she lost her mother at eight years old.

"I'll never willingly have my children go through that.''

Just change variety to diversity and she'll have the clinching argument. If there's any word liberals love, it's diversity. Polygamy is a wonderful example of cultural diversity; many of our multi-cultures practice it in their ancestral homelands. Canada can't get enough diversity. What's more diverse than having a diversity of wives?

Let Canada be a beacon of tolerance and diversity for the whole world, including those men who were born to love more than one woman.

Source: Global TV

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Canadi-anna said...

Aren't all men born to love more than one woman? At least, that's what they always told me.