Friday, May 12, 2006

Minister Methhead?

It seems these days that discretion is no longer considered the better part of valour. Indiscretions and malefactions once quietly atoned for must now be discussed openly, and not merely for the sake of satisfying people's natural voyeurism.

Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman has admitted to having once been addicted to what he coyly refers to as "party drugs."

The 42-year-old health minister is telling Ontarians that for five years in the early to mid 1990s he fought and beat an addiction to street stimulants used as "party drugs."

The drugs he used were not injected, but they were illegal and he used them regularly in the "Toronto party scene."

"I can't say I can look back and say this is why drugs became an outlet, (but) when I review the period when they (were) a problem for me (it was) the period that followed the passing of my dad," he told the Toronto Star in an exclusive interview last night.

"He died at 60 of a massive brain stem stroke and lay for seven months in a hospital bed with only the ability to move his eyes," Smitherman said. "When I look back that was a seismic event for me."

Fearing the repercussions of his admission, Smitherman did not want to say what illegal drugs he used.

Since Smitherman is an admitted homosexual, one can infer from his comments that he is referring to crystal methamphetamine, commonly used by homosexuals to fuel long sexual orgies:

Among the effects reported by crystal users (known as "tweakers") is an increase in the need and urgency for sex, the ability to have sex for extended periods (hours or even days), and an inability to ejaculate or reach orgasm or physical release.

In addition to increasing the need for sex and enabling the user to engage in marathon sex sessions, crystal lowers inhibitions and causes users to behave recklessly or to become forgetful. According to a recent San Diego study, crystal users often engage in unsafe sexual activities, and forget or choose not to use condoms. The study found that crystal users were six times less likely to use condoms [1].

The urgency for sex combined with the inability to achieve release can result in tearing, chafing and trauma (such as rawness and friction sores) to the sex organs and the rectum and mouth, dramatically increasing the risk of transmission of HIV and other sexually-transmitted infections (STIs).

And if he wasn't into homosexual practice to begin with, he probably wouldn't have ended up on crystal meth--if that was the drug he was taking.

This site has plenty of unpleasant information and stories about the effects of crystal meth on homosexuals. You tell me if it's just another acceptable alternative lifestyle after reading some of the stuff over there.

Source: Toronto Star

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davidson said...

Smitherman seems to be suggesting that his drug abuse was a product of and fueled by his father's long illness and eventual death. Considering the drug use took place in his mid twenties to early thirties, it's safe to assume he had been aware of his sexuality for awhile. "Party drugs" also include ecstacy, pot, and cocaine. You have essentially said that Smitherman was hooked on crystal meth because he's gay. You then go on to suggest that homosexuality leads to drug abuse. Pretty weak post. Pretty clear example of your homophobia.