Saturday, May 06, 2006

Eight Is Enough

After much consideration over drinks at the airport lounge, John McCallum has decided that he can't storm Vichy Ridge after all:

The Liberal finance critic had been mulling over a bid to run to replace former Liberal leader Paul Martin, but decided against it, saying he would throw his support behind front-running candidate Michael Ignatieff instead.

During a press conference in Toronto, Mr. McCallum said Mr. Ignatieff has demonstrated both the capacity and commitment to rebuild Liberal support in Quebec.

"I think I could have run a credible campaign, but I believe that Michael Ignatieff's vision is my vision," Mr. McCallum said. "I think this has to go beyond personal ambitions."

Granted, the Liberals' apparent bench strength in the GTA has several weak spots. There are no leadership candidates from Mississauga, Scarborough, Brampton or Markham; McCallum would have ensured representation from Markham.

Without a candidate from all the major GTA centres, the Liberals' claim to being the natural governing party of Canada has become quite weak indeed.

It doesn't matter how well a candidate might do in backwaters such as Alberta or Quebec; if he can't win Toronto, he's nobody!

Source: Globe and Mail

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Anonymous said...

Boozy maccallum, as he is affectionately known by the Peel Regionals who found him stoned in the airport lounge, is "today's liberal". I do not think that Stephen Harper could have hit the home run he did on the budget if it hadn't been boozy as pitcher. Erratic in the House, known for rambling in his questions and comments, him and the 'cross burner' are two of the scariest grits around, we won't miss him after the next election!