Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bernardo Crawls Out

After the trial ends and the prison doors slam shut, some notorious criminals refuse to disappear quietly into well-deserved obscurity. They find a way to keep themselves in the news, whether through frivolous and vexatious appeals and lawsuits, writing articles and books protesting their innocence or bragging about their crimes, or through confessions of crimes they may or may not have committed.

Paul Bernardo's confessions to a series of rapes may be just another cruel hoax to keep himself in the spotlight:

Toronto police have decided not to lay new charges against Paul Bernardo, despite his confession to sexually assaulting at least 10 other women.

Toronto police spokesman Mark Pugash said investigators evaluated the evidence and decided not pursue charges at this time.

"On the basis of what we were given, there doesn't appear to be anything new, and certainly no plans at this stage for any additional charges," said Pugash.

"You never say never, but there doesn't appear to be anything new here."

Many police investigations that do not result in charges are never reported. Why report the outcome of this one? It does nothing to further the transparency of the justice system, and only feeds the ego of an evil narcissist. Don't give him the satisfaction.

If there's evidence enough to charge him, make it known. Otherwise, let Bernardo vanish as if he had never been.

Source: CTV


Anonymous said...

100% this crap should not be reported. It only serves to agrandize his own (Bernardo) self importance. Oh, and sell papers, and attract advertisers to media hungry purveyours. cc.Ezra levant

Ian said...

My initial thoughts were that maybe Karla Homolka would be implicated, charged, convicted and would have to go back to jail.
Likely a pipe dream.