Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mirabel Circus

Outrageous as Adscam was, it was but a drop in the bucket compared to what went on during the Trudeau era glory days of pandering to Quebec, when Keynesian theories about priming the pump reigned unchallenged and the money rolled out.

Mirabel Airport was the greatest symbol of those freewheeling, freespending days. Built 30 miles out of town just as the centre of Canadian air traffic shifted to Toronto and jets no longer needed to refuel in Montreal to cross the Atlantic, it never saw even a fraction of its predicted passenger traffic.

A billion dollar boondoggle and monument to the Trudeau era's visionary arrogance and fiscal irresponsibility, and yet Dorval, and not Mirabel, has been graced with his name.

Now it's about to become an amusement park. Quite fitting, since it's been an expensive joke right from the start.

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