Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Bloggers have been bewailing the media's relative lack of interest in the new Conservative government; instead of front-page stories and columns speculating on the new cabinet, throne speech and budget, we're getting front page stories about who isn't running for the Liberal leadership, who's thinking of not running, and who's trying their hardest not to run.

I can either become part of the problem or part of the solution.

And I'm too tired after a long day at the office to provide solutions:

Paul Martin says he will remain the formal head of the Liberals until his replacement is chosen at a party convention, but outgoing defence minister Bill Graham will take over his parliamentary duties as the interim chief.

The outgoing prime minister made the announcement after emerging from his last cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Lucienne Robillard, outgoing minister of intergovernmental affairs and president of the privy council, has been named the deputy party leader.

Martin said it's up to the party to decide when to hold a leadership convention. "They will choose the time and the location," he said.

Martin's decision to stay on as leader for the time being saves the Liberal Party from having to scramble to find a suitable successor.

What a fitting end for Martin's leadership. An empty title, void of power and responsibility, held only to hold the place for an unknown successor. An asterisk beside a footnote of history.

Source: CTV


PGP said...

Why sweat it?

The only problem here is that the MSM is working overtime to keep up the brave front and act the cheerleaders for this decrepit and corupt party.

The bias is shown to be all the more blatant in the absence of any justification. I have yet to see the slobs at CBC etal start to carve up the carcass like they did to the tories in Joe Clarks/ Kim Campbells day. Or like they surely would if Harper and the CPC were in turmoil!

Remember the baloney they were spinning just last summer about the supposed infighting in the CPC and that concocted tale about HArpers leadership being in jeopardy!

Its just more evidence of how irrelevant the MSM is becoming.

Anonymous said...

The only way to get balanced reporting will be to have more 'conservative minded' owners in msm who would actually allow for more thoughtful and insightful reporting of the facts other than from the 'liberal perspective'. Perhaps when msm realizes that their readership/viewership is declining because the public is TIRED of hearing such limited coverage of the news they will once again pick up their respective pens etc. and give us more than their 'opinion' of the news. This is an incredibly exciting time in Canada. A conservative government with more integrity, vision and energy than has been seem in a very long time.
Is this an opportunity for a different, new approach to getting the news out to the public too? It seems Macleans is becoming very popular and no wonder.

Anonymous said...

Give your heads a shake. The MSM gave the Conservatives fawning coverage throughout the election campaign. Maclean's and the Globe and Mail, as examples, could scarcely have been kinder to the Tories. The media abandoned its role as watchdogs, and instead hopped on the Tory bandwagon.