Friday, February 10, 2006

Garth Redux

Garth Turner is at it again:

Reports that a $300,000 payment made by Karlheinz Schreiber to former prime minister Brian Mulroney came from a Swiss bank account connected to the Airbus affair raised internal questions among federal Conservatives yesterday, with at least one MP saying the matter should be looked into.

The news adds to some of the tension being felt by former Reform Party members who are concerned about the influence of friends and former colleagues of Mr. Mulroney as the new Conservative government of Stephen Harper takes office.

"The allegations have got the media upset and they're in the public domain, they obviously should be investigated," MP Garth Turner told the CBC. Mr. Turner was also a member of Parliament under the Mulroney administration.

Mr. Turner was referring to reports that bank documents obtained by the CBC show that a $300,000 payment made to Mr. Mulroney by Mr. Schreiber, a German-Canadian businessman, came from accounts that received millions in commissions from firms such as Airbus Industrie. Airbus received $1.8-billion for the sale of airplanes to Air Canada in the early 1980s.

Shooting at his own party is getting to be a regular habit with Turner, and the government's not even a week old.

Whatever may come of these latest Airbus allegations--probably as much as came of the first lot of them--you can be sure that the honourable member for Halton will be there to bitch about his own government not doing enough about them and carrying Mulroney's water.

At least Harper knows who his loosest cannon is early enough to spike him.

Source: Globe and Mail


hancor said...

When the wagons are circled your supposed to shoot outside the circle; not towards the middle.

This is the mistake the Liberals made. Garth could at least let PM SH introduce some legislation first before readying yet another volley.

Anonymous said...

since when does Garth become the official mouthpeiuce of the Tories.

W. Verwey said...

Maybe the people of his riding should start a "" campaign for I don't think they expected this from their representative. It's almost like a role reversal has happened with DE announcing he would be SH worst nightmare during the election and GT now becoming it.

Sharon said...

You know nothing about Garth. He is an honest man, trying to do an honest job in a lying man's world.

Anonymous said...
When this Rube agrees with Garth then all credibility is lost.

Anonymous said...

Actually verwey, if you survey his constituents (of which i and one) you will find we are quite proud of our MP. A great many of us (certainly more than his margin of victory) voted for Garth in spite of Harper and the party, rather than because of Harper and the party.

And for someone to suggest that Mulroney receiving a $300K kickback isn't worth investigating is just plain retarded. He sued the Canadian people and won over a million dollars in a defamation suit - it would be nice to get that back before he dies.

I can't believe how many retards there are on the internet...

Shane said...

Anonymous said...

"Since when does Garth become the official mouthpeiuce of the Tories."

Since the media realized he is a negative soundbite machine they can use to slather mud all over the newly-minted Conservative government and get them nice and dirty, so that they lose lose lose the next election.

Because while the Liberals are in disarray and heaven help Canada if the NDP gain power, the media elites simple cannot stand by and let George Bush's minime run amok. He must be demonized and hated just like Bush is in the States because that is the only just fate for neocons who dare to challenge the liberal elites who know what's best for all of us.