Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Race Is On, Sort Of

Andrew Coyne brings Liberals glad tidings: even as Martin Cauchon and Gerard Kennedy join the race from the Liberal leadership, someone is actually joining the race for it:

Martha Hall Findlay. Martha Hall Findlay. Now where have I heard that name before?

Ah yes. She was the Liberal candidate of record in Newmarket-Aurora who was rudely bumped from the nomination last spring to make way for the incoming Minister of Complex Files. She is also the possessor of possibly the single most impressive resume I have ever seen in a political candidate. If the two of them are now to square off against each other for the leadership -- can we dare hope? -- it should make for highly entertaining political theatre.

Oh please, please, please give us the Liberal Party equivalent of the Antonia Zerbisias-Kathy Shaidle catfight. The sheer bitchiness will be a delight to behold.

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The Fog is Clearing said...

Yes, especially if Scott Brison joins in too. Ouch !