Sunday, February 12, 2006

Buzz Cut Loose

Buzz Hargrove has learned the fate of many an opportunist who has staked his fortune on a sure bet only to lose his shirt:

The Ontario NDP provincial executive voted yesterday to pull the membership of Hargrove, president of the Canadian Auto Workers, for violating the party's constitution regarding provisions against endorsing other candidates. It also automatically revokes his membership in the federal party.

"I was shocked and surprised," said Hargrove, who has held an NDP membership card for 41 years. "I never had any warning that this was coming or being debated. I never had a chance to speak."


Over the years, Hargrove has sat on the NDP's federal council and been among the top 5 per cent in annual financial contributors to the party.

The NDP executive said he could regain his membership if he writes a letter indicating he would not endorse candidates for other parties again.

"Not a chance," Hargrove said in an interview. "That won't happen."

Hargrove's expulsion should also be an object lesson for others in the NDP ranks whose fear and loathing of the Tories has driven them to back the Grits.

If the Liberals win, they throw them away as soon as they've won. If the Liberals lose, they're not welcome in either camp.

The NDP has finally figured out that it gets nothing in the long term for propping up the Liberals.

Enjoy that Senate appointment, Buzz.

Source: Toronto Star

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