Saturday, February 11, 2006

Borderline Insanity

You can be sure that when the first reports came out about unarmed Canadian border guards fleeing their posts to avoid armed men crossing the border, that others would make the attempt:

Canadian border guards abandoned the Peace Arch crossing in British Columbia after hearing an armed and dangerous American was trying to enter Canada.

The unarmed guards have a clause in their contract that allows them to leave their job if they think they're in danger.

They invoked the clause Friday night for the second time in a month.

The report of a fugitive turned out to be false.

The managers of Canada Border Services Agency say they will man the booths and reopen the border.

A false alarm this time. But it's certainly becoming common knowledge that you just have to spread rumours of armed men coming across the border to create havoc.

Think of who benefits from this information.

The faster we arm the border guards, the better.

Source: CTV

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