Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kinsella v. Bourrie: Match Cancelled

The great Kinsella-Bourrie Canadian blogosphere battle has ended before it really begun:

The manner in which my January 14, 2006 blog entry was worded made it seem that Mr. Kinsella had been a party to illegal conduct when this was clearly not the case. I apology without reservation to Mr. Kinsella for that error on my part.

Warren Kinsella has also called off the dogs.

As much as everyone on the sidelines wanted to see this go to court, whether to test the libel laws as they concern blogging or see further Liberal internecine bloodletting, we all lost sight of the fact that these two men saw no advantage in taking it further, and great cost to themselves and their careers.

The great test case will come, but not now.

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