Wednesday, February 08, 2006

MacKay: Dhimmi? Or Just Dim?

Either the mandarins have already got Peter MacKay completely housetrained, or he still hasn't had time to put his mark on the department. Or he really is as spineless as I feared. Or just as obtuse as I always thought he was:

“The publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed has caused offence to Muslims and non-Muslims around the world and in Canada.

“Freedom of expression is a legally enshrined principle in Canada, but it must be exercised responsibly. We commend those Canadians who have acted appropriately.

“However, we condemn the violent protests that have occurred in some parts of the world, and find the attacks on foreign diplomatic missions particularly deplorable.

“This sensitive issue highlights the need for a better understanding of Islam and of Muslim communities. Respect for cultural diversity and freedom of religion is a fundamental principle in Canada. The Government of Canada will continue to promote a better understanding of Islam internationally, in partnership with Muslim communities.”

One tepid protest against the riots and attacks that have killed people, and a whole lot of bowing and scraping before a bunch of fanatics who can be whipped into a frenzy at a moment's notice. The same fanatics who think nothing of killing others in the name of Islam.

And to top it all off, praise for the Canadian media for acting as cravenly as most of their counterparts in the rest of the free world, and presumably, for the Islamic community for not rioting in our streets as a result.

Ministers come and go, but the diplomatic mindset is eternal.


Source: Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade


Mark said...

Funny. I don't remember throngs of media and politicians clamouring to the defense of Christianity when the "art" Piss Christ was ceremoniously unveiled. Nor with Corpus Christi. Nor with any other article of art or expression that has absolutely maligned the tenets of Christianity.

It irks me to no end that our elected leaders would actually reinforce the message that radical Islam sends worldwide: that it is perfectly fine to villify all other religions, as long as you respect Islam.

PGP said...

I am very dissapointed in McKay.
If this is the result of poor preparation by the staff he should have seen it and not made the statement.

If this is how he thinks and operates we need to remind him that this is the kind of weasly crap we got from the Liberals and will not stand for more from him.

If he fires the staffers who prepared the statement I will be impressed.

Jason Kauppinen said...

Even the pols are behind on this one: