Saturday, February 18, 2006

Switzerland 2, Canada 0

Commence painful agonizing about the current woeful state of our national game, complete with doomsday predictions of its immament demise beneath the European juggernaut.

Blame everyone involved in Canadian hockey from Don Cherry and Wayne Gretzky down to the most obscure novice league coaches and hockey parents.

Repeat ad nauseam until we win the next game, at which time disregard all previous expressions of angst and loudly proclaim the unquestionable superiority of Canadian hockey at all levels and aspects.

It's the Canadian way.

Source: CBC


Mark said...

One bad game. They'll be back and I still believe they'll win gold.

Platty said...

Agreed, better to lose now than later.I'm sure Pat peeled some paint for the boys, no worries.

hancor said...

Come on, the gaming cartel got them to throw this one for the betting empires!!!


Since Team Canada woefully looks like SWISS CHEESE; as they have never in history lost to the Swiss, I have to grudgingly concede to my brother in Geneva.

The bloodletting in Afghanistan is real while the 'bloodletting' in Turin is only of the spirit.

Perhaps PM SH can emphasize Afghan democracy, and
save the "hate" for the hockey arena where it may properly belong.

OH THE AGONY!!! 2 - 0 to the SWISS!!! OH FOR SHAME!!! I am apoplectic, shut out by the SWISS!!! with 49 shots on goal!!!

Oh hang it all, I need to cheer up. Where in GOD's good heaven is the SWISS chocolate??