Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lower Anchor

Miss Management herself, the woman who couldn't figure out where $1 billion in HRDC job creation grants went, will now bring her unique management style to Bill Graham's office as chief of staff:

"Jane Stewart will be a fantastic anchor for the Liberal team" in the Opposition Leader's Office, Graham said in a written statement.

"Jane's political experience will be an outstanding asset to the Liberal team as we hold Stephen Harper and the Conservative government to account in this minority Parliament."

Stewart was fortunate that her billion-dollar fiasco took place under Jean Chretien's watch, and not Paul Martin's. Chretien could make the public forget they were being fleeced with his usual insouciant shrug of the shoulders and a flip remark. Paul Martin couldn't. Otherwise, she would have ended up a pariah like Alfonso Gagliano.

An anchor indeed.

Source: Ottawa Citizen

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Johnny Pockets said...

Not that I have any desire to defend Jane Stewart (the thought of it alone makes me feel a bit icky), but she only had that file for a few months. Most of the missing dough likely went MIA under the previous Minister of HRDC, Pierre Pettigrew.