Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Some Are More Equal Than Others

Thus spake Dalton McGuinty:

The province that's home to 40 per cent of Canadians deserves the loudest voice in the debate over the country's financial "architecture," Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty suggested Tuesday as he renewed his call for a royal commission into the so-called fiscal imbalance.


"(Harper) said he didn't see that I had much support for it, and I reminded him that I had the support of 40 per cent of Canadians."

McGuinty said he raised the issue again with Harper after dinner, when the two were alone, stressing that Ontario's call for a royal commission deserved consideration despite the objections of the other premiers.

"In that kind of a dynamic, you get 14 people around the table, and you'll suddenly think that each of the 14 has got equal clout here," McGuinty said.

"And while I have the greatest respect for all my colleagues, I don't want Prime Minister Harper to lose sight of the fact that we bring a lot to the table."

Asked if he was saying Ontario was more equal than the other provinces and territories, McGuinty laughed and said, "We're more 40 per cent than the others."

The Ontario attitude still grinds my gears, even years after coming here from back East. What's best for Ontario is best for Canada--what's Ontario's is Ontario's--what's yours is negotiable. World without end, amen.

Yet the golden rule still applies: he who has the gold makes the rules. Increasingly, though, it isn't just Ontario who has it. Apparently the Leduc oil find still hasn't made headlines in Toronto, 60 years after the fact.

Source: Canoe


PGP said...

In the world of political correctness as dictated by the socialists everyone is special. Apparently some are more special than the rest.

My opinion on McSquinty.....weasle and asshat representing not 40% of Canadians but 80% of the most useless and selfish people in this country.

primvs pilvs said...

Hopefully after the next election this babbling boob will be speaking for 0% of the population.

CuriosityKilledTheCat said...

The Fathers of Canada’s Deconfederation ...

Do yourself a favour: dig out the Robert Harris painting of the 37 Fathers of Confederation. Now place before you photos of Stephen Harper and each Premier.

These are the new Founding Fathers of Canadian Deconfederation. Some artist should start work on a painting similar to that of Harris, to record for posterity the faces of these new Fathers.

Why? Because these men are now busily and stealthily engaged in the constructive deconfederation of Canada, under the guise of Harper’s “New Federalism” and “fiscal imbalance.”

They are avoiding open discussion in Parliament and their respective Provincial legislatures, because they know that there would be an outcry from citizens should it become apparent – through such debate – that these men are trying to do in private rooms, that which could not survive in the light of day. They are agreeing – without mandates from their respective voters – to change the nature of our confederation in such a way as to significantly weaken the bonds that bind this country together.

You don’t believe me? Then google fiscal imbalance harper. Read the commentaries you will find referred to there. Read Sinclair Stevens. Read Andrew Coyne.

Listen to the modern Canadian Paul Revere’s, riding furiously to warn citizens, crying One if by open debate, two if by stealth.

And then do your part as a citizen of Canada: Light two lamps, to signal to the body politic that their Confederation is being stolen from them by stealth.