Sunday, February 05, 2006

Crowning Shame

The Monarchist League has always been there with a ready quote in support of the Queen whenever she comes to visit or under attack.

But you'll never hear the media allege that its leader is one:

The chairman of the Monarchist League of Canada has been named in a class-action lawsuit alleging he molested a 13-year-old boy nearly 30 years ago when he was a teacher at an expensive private school in Montreal.

Petitions filed yesterday in Quebec Superior Court say John Aimers, now an English teacher at a private Toronto school, sexually assaulted a former Selwyn House student, known as "D.J.," in 1977.

Mr. Aimers did not return repeated calls for comment. No criminal charges have been brought against him and the allegations made yesterday were contained in a lawsuit not yet tested in court. A statement of defence has not been filed.

The lawsuit also accuses a second teacher, James Hill, of molesting a former student at the all-boys school, where tuition runs up to $17,000 a year. Mr. Hill also could not be reached. He has not been charged criminally, and the allegations against him are also unproven in court.

According to the court documents, Mr. Aimers, a respected debating coach, allegedly offered to tutor D.J. at his home, where he plied the boy with liquor and marijuana.

Source: National Post


Rick W said...

Good to see that the media has brought this case to the forefront. If the charges are proven, then the guilty should be punnished. It's interesting that similar accusations have been leveled at a certain politician of the Liberal stripe. I wonder if the news media will investigate these also?

Roy Eappen said...

innocent until proven guilty! WE know Mr Aimers name but not the name of the accuser. Is that fair?

AbuseVictim said...

I wanted to fully disclose myself so skeptics would relate & sense my reality & integrity! However the attorney & CTV reporter told me no, because in the UCC child abuse case the plaintiff did... His life along with his wife & children became hellish with calls, mail, media, visitors & threats on his life!