Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Act in Haste, Repent at Leisure

The Liberals' knee-jerk political correctness and governing by public opinion poll ended up with them taking it in the shorts.

With all of the resources of government at their disposal to find and vet an army of candidates for governor general, they simply grabbed the first person off the street who fit the magic profile: politically-reliable black Francophone Quebecoise.

Prime Minister Paul Martin rushed the appointment of Michaelle Jean as governor-general without properly vetting her background and unearthing her ties to Quebec sovereignists, says a former official in charge of federal appointments.

Conservative Senator Marjorie LeBreton, who was director of appointments under former prime minister Brian Mulroney, says Martin should have been more careful.

A documentary featuring a candidate for a senior-level appointment toasting "independence" with the founder of the FLQ would have resulted "in a huge red flag being run up the pole" when she was on the job, LeBreton said.

She made the comment after it was revealed Jean and her filmmaker husband Jean-Daniel Lafond were linked to separatists, as depicted in Lafond's 1991 documentary that included Jean making a number of controversial statements about Quebec independence.

Live by the quota, die by the quota.

Source: Montreal Gazette

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