Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It Pays To Advertise

The Conservative Party has released four new TV ads to be aired only in Ontario as a test run for the upcoming election campaign.

The ads show Stephen Harper talking with his MP's on four key issues: opportunity for new Canadians, lower taxes, choice in child care and health care for all.

They might look a little hokey, but they get the point across without hitting the viewer over the head. If the aim is to dispel the image of Stephen Harper as cold and scary, they work quite well. Especially because they show Mr. Harper doing what he does best: talking policy. He looks much more comfortable in those ads than he ever did on the barbecue circuit.

It also helps to showcase the other MPs, to take all the focus and pressure off Mr. Harper as the party's sole spokesman. And hey, you can't go wrong with Helena Guergis and Rona Ambrose.


Les Mackenzie said...

Very hokey - they get my two thumbs down. Although Rona Ambrose :D

another lisa said...

I saw those ads... very dumb... they talk down to people ("how long has the economy been crappy... 12 years"...etc) I have no interest in Steve Harper as a leader of any party. But then, I am a bleeding heart liberal anyway.