Wednesday, August 24, 2005

CBC Lockout Watch, Day 10

CBC Unplugged is running podcasts put together by locked-out CBC employees. Which raises this question: if they can still do the job without the CBC's vast infrastructure behind them, what are they spending $1 billion of the taxpayers' money every year on it for?

One celebrated New York film critic once expressed surprise that Ronald Reagan was elected president because nobody they knew voted for him.

Over here in the right-wing blogosphere, we're surprised that somebody misses the CBC because nobody we know watches or listens to it.

Mark Blevis does miss the CBC, severely, and he's made his own CBC podcast to help him through this crisis.

Paul Martin refuses to intervene in the lockout, but you can bet that if there's an election in the offing and the CBC is still locked out, either the feds will step in or both sides will suddenly reach an agreement. The alternative, an election fought without CBC's steady stream of anti-Conservative propaganda, is too frightening for either the CBC or Paul Martin to contemplate.

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Les Mackenzie said...

I don't think it's just the right wing blogsphere that doesn't give a damn.

I was briefly listening to the Jim Richards show on CFRB last night and out of 20 or so callers one missed the CBC - because she had trouble sleeping. And another caller (a CBC contractor) missed his pay cheque) :D