Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Supreme Suggestions

How many of you can name a distinguished barrister with at least 10 years service at the bar or an equally distinguished judge of the provincial or territorial superior courts as defined under s.96 of the Constitution Act?

No, not the guy who got your drunken brother-in-law off on a DUI. Not the one who did your rich uncle's will, either. And forget about the judge who stuck you with support payments to that greedy bitch of an ex-wife.

Other than that, if you can think of somebody whom the government of the day might consider eminently qualified to sit on the Supreme Court of Canada, Irwin Cotler would like you to drop a note in the suggestion box.

All entries will be loaded into a shredder, then burned and the ashes scattered to the four winds, but your opinion still is important to him. Really.

Source: Globe and Mail

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