Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Killer Karla Hates Canada

Michaelle Jean refuses to tell us whether she's ever voted for separatism.

But Karla Homolka is not so reticent!

Karla Homolka blames police, the media, politics and "crazy" Ontarians for her current plight.

She is so angry at Ontario and Canada that she voted for the Bloc Quebecois in the last federal election. She even blames the Quebec judge who gave her 14 release conditions -- two of which she is now alleged to have broken.

And Homolka said that Quebec prosecutors are now just as "pissed" at Ontario as she is.

For openness and integrity on the Quebec question: Homolka 1, Jean 0. This makes her no less qualified than Mme. Jean to be GG, according to Liberal political calculations.

There's a dirty negative campaign ad in here, for someone ballsy enough to try it.

Source: Ottawa Sun

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