Friday, August 26, 2005

Irony Of The Day

No good deed goes unpunished:

TORONTO - A father was gunned down last night in the same Scarborough apartment building courtyard where he weeks ago staged a ''Stop-the-Violence'' barbecue, residents said.

The shooting of the man -- identified by friends as Delroy, but known as ''Sploogle'' -- happened just before 7 p.m. on the basketball courts of an apartment building at 3181 Eglinton Avenue East, near Markham Road.


The man, who did not want to identify himself, said Delroy used to live in the building outside of which the shooting occurred. He immigrated to Canada from Kingston, Jamaica, several years ago and had 10 children, the man said.

The family lived in the nearby Lawrence Avenue and Markham Road area.

Delroy was known for being generous with area children, fixing bikes and breaking up fights.

In the past few years, Delroy has staged a summer barbecue in the building's courtyard, which is shared with two other buildings. Hundreds of people turned up for the event this month.

He recruited sponsors, offered hot dogs and gave away gifts, which had been donated, to children. He even had T-shirts made that said ''Stop the Violence'' on them, the friend said.

The recent violence on Toronto's streets provided further motivation for Delroy, he said.

Do you get the impression that Delroy was dead man walking because of his prominent public opposition to the Jamaican gangs' reign of terror in his community?

Source: National Post

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