Thursday, August 25, 2005

Gomery Inquiry: You Be The Judge

Mr. Justice John Gomery wants to hear from you, the ordinary Canadian taxpayer, to answer a few simple questions:

1. Should government advertising and sponsorship programs be insulated from
political influence?


If so, how?

2. What protections should be afforded to public servants who believe they have
witnessed impropriety in the management of government programs

3. Ministerial responsibility requires that a minister be accountable to the House
of Commons for the exercise of power. Should there be exceptions to the
concept of full ministerial responsibility for all the actions of a department?


If so, under what circumstances?

4. Accountability is the requirement to explain and accept responsibility for
carrying out an assigned mandate in light of agreed upon expectations. What
would you do to promote greater accountability for the management and use of
public funds?

5. Should the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service be linked to specific
responsibility and accountability processes to safeguard against


If so, how?

Should this be enshrined in legislation?


6. Is there anything else you would suggest to Justice Gomery in pursuing his

None of the public's response will actually affect the substance of Mr. Justice Gomery's recommendations, except to add a few colourful quotes underscoring public outrage and concern.

Few people have the requisite expert knowledge of public administration and the concept of ministerial responsibility to make anything more than vague suggestions to "tighten the law" or "hold people accountable".

But he has at least given the appearance of considering the public's opinion about Adscam and how to fix the system.

Paul Martin, other than his 30-day election guarantee, hasn't even done that.

Have your say at the Gomery Commission website.

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