Saturday, August 27, 2005

CBC Lockout Watch, Day 13

An anonymous CBC picketer discusses the eight stages of striking, as explained by a teacher's union member channelling the soul of the late Elizabeth Kuebler-Ross.

CBC goes on fulfilling one of the core functions that makes it absolutely indispensible to the Canadian identity: building condos in Vancouver!

Just as locked-out NHL stars pushed out journeymen players in the European leagues, so the stars of Toronto's Metro Morning are about to push out a few campus radio volunteers.

CBC broadcasters sure have a high opinion of themselves, don't they? Some of them think they can bully campus radio stations into giving them airtime, as though they have some God-given (or Charter-given, for agnostics, atheists, and Liberals) right to broadcast.

"Listen, you little squirts! Nobody gives a damn if Sitar Stars or Mao Now never air again! But people want their Andy Barrie fix! You ever want to work for us, you give us three hours in the morning! Got it?"

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