Sunday, August 28, 2005

Stand Up For Canada

Stephen Harper is taking the Tories' new campaign slogan to heart:

Federal Conservative Leader Stephen Harper called U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins' comments on the softwood lumber dispute "out of line" Saturday.

In an interview with an Ottawa newspaper published Friday, Mr. Wilkins raised the ire of some politicians, including the prime minister, after he called upon Canadian politicians to stop their "emotional tirades" and negotiate a settlement.

Canada objected strenuously after Washington announced it would ignore a NAFTA ruling on softwood lumber in Canada's favour.

"I think the U.S. ambassador is way out of line," said Mr. Harper, who attended a Ukrainian Festival parade in Toronto on Saturday with Edmonton MP Peter Goldring.

"But a big part of the reason this has happened is the Liberal government has allowed communications with the Americans to break down entirely."

It's not just our forestry sector that stands to pay the price for years of cavalier insults and slurs issuing forth from Liberal ranks. Now when we really need to take on the Americans for their refusal to honour NAFTA, our position is weakened, because it looks like just another bit of petulant anti-American whining.

Source: Globe and Mail

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