Saturday, August 13, 2005

End Tape

The RCMP will not be charging anyone in the Tapegate affair: not Gurmant Grewal, nor Ujjal Dosanjh, nor Tim Murphy.

Which is probably the best way to handle the whole affair. In retrospect, the whole affair was blown far out of proportion and didn't reveal anything about the participants that wasn't already common knowledge.

But it did serve to keep the people distracted from the budget debate and let the Liberals survive to fight another day.

No one's reputation was significantly damaged by the allegations of fraud or evidence tampering, since their reputations were already pretty poor. No one thinks less of Parliament and politicians as a result, since public attitudes towards both are highly cynical anyway.

Tapegate can now disappear down the memory hole, until the next great scandal comes along.

Source: CBC

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Myrddin Wyllt said...

Reputations be dambed.
A crime was commited, our government was engaged in influence peddeling.
When the tapes first came out I phoned the RCMP in Ottawa and was assured they would investigate, Further the officer I spoke with AGREED there was CLEAR EVIDENCE of a CRIME being played out.
This is bull shyte, if they get away with this there is nothing they can't get away with.
They broke the law and blew the foundations out from under our democracy at the same time.
What they did here is worse than adscam, if you don't understand that then you miss the whole point of democratic representation and democracy itself.