Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Hurricane Katrina has lain New Orleans waste, and now comes that vile species of predator to feast upon its remains: the looter.

The looter is among the lowest of common criminals, not merely because he is a thief, but because he steals from those whom tragedy has left dispossessed. He is too cowardly even to face his victims.

When there is work to be done to rebuild a devastated city, he thinks only of his own greed.

He pretends to enrich himself with the luxuries of others.

He takes up arms against those whose duty it is to uphold law and order when they are most endangered.

He attacks the most defenceless of citizens to satisfy his cravings.

In a few days, what he steals will be worthless to him, for he will neither be able to consume it once it spoils, nor will he be able to sell it where there is no one to buy.

This creature who gorges himself on the carcass of a dying city is beneath contempt. The only defence against him is to shoot him dead wherever you find him, so that the rest of his kind will be chastened or flee.


Anonymous said...

I am baffled by the relentless coverage of "looting" in the press. Most of the images I saw were of people getting food, water, inflatable mattresses for rafts, and other things essential to their survival. The police should not be harassing so-called looters, they should be helping to break into the Walgreens so that people can safely obtain the medicines they need to stave off sickness and infection. No store is going to be able to sell merchandise that has been floating in sewer water for 4-6 weeks. An no one is going to be able to take their televisions with them on the helicopters. People need radios and batteries and yes, even clothing. The authorities simply are not there to distribute these items in an orderly way. The entire "looting" story line is a bogus distraction.

Anonymous said...

What are you? A God Damn Idiot. You didn't see those animals busting in the glass doors to get to their TV and DVDs, The people who were taking food shouldn't be the focus, The focus are they animals who were taking electronics, and Guns, and everything not essential to life. The Looter should be shot on site, without warning. With out remorse, they are Scum and deserve nothing better. The Looter is the lowest form of life. I can’t say enough on how much I loathe Looters. I thought Marshal Law was in place, Shoot First and ask questions later.

Anonymous said...

Animals you say? Human beings are suffering in mass numbers. Americans are being left to die while our idiot sorry excuse for a president continues to talk about money needed for Iraq. His endless and senseless war. If the majority of the people you saw were white...I bet the word animal would not have been in your vocabulary. You would have taken pity on people who looked like you and written about how we needed to help the people and how they were trying to provide for their families. Quit watching FoX news all day being brainwashed with racist stereotypes of people of color once again being potrayed as criminals and pray nothing this tragic could ever happen to you. Until it happens to can't say shit about what you would do. You haven't walked one second in a hurricane survivors shoes

An Individual said...
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Anonymous said...

Whoever is writing on here defending these people is a fool. Yes, there are people who are suffering and who need to get food and water to survive. Did you not see the animals breaking into jewelry stores, electronics stores hauling away stuff that is NOT necessary for "survival"? What about all the animals with the buckets full of liquor and beer? The last time I checked, liquor and beer were not necessary for survival and will actually end up hastening dehydration of the imbiber. You need to wake up, pull your head out of the sand and take a look at what is going on. The government is greatly at fault for letting this situation get out of hand and reach a dangerous level. They should have put a bullet through some of these animals at the very beginning and the rest would have been kept in order. Many, many people are indeed suffering and these animals are only making it worse through their vile actions.

Anonymous said...

Here is some more for you Fool. An ambulance service is trying to evac patients from hospitals in NO... the ambulances are being attacked, as are the staff and patients of hospitals.

From CNN:
"My people are in harm's way," he said. "They are scared. Our command station about an hour ago had the generator stolen off the back of it. We've had an ambulance turned over.

Yeah.... just people trying to survive... get something to eat... get something to drink... Uh huh. It's libs like that you that allow situations to reach this level. Personally, I'd like to see the military start flying gunship missions over the city with orders to fire as targets present themselves.

Anonymous said...

The focus right now should be on relief efforts, not shooting at unfortunates trying to survive. The brunt of the disaster was borne by people too poor to have a reliable vehicle to evacuate the area or to have insurance to replace their losses. In some cases, they didn't even have money for gasoline. They have lost their modest homes, their livelihoods, and in many cases, family members. We should not be punishing these people, not animals, further.


Anonymous said...

Is this Fool or a new idiot?

Again, stealing beer and alcohol and jewelry and TVs has NOTHING to do with survival. It has to do with animals behaving as animals will tend to behave when they are not properly controlled. Things such as the woman seen wheeling a Baskin-Robbins ice cream freezer down the street.... and the gangs of armed animals running the streets, attacking hospitals and rescuers. You claim the focus should be on relief efforts? I agree completely. Put these animals down now and stop the attacks on the innocent, adding additional misery on top of their already desperate situations. The inability of the authorities to halt this behavior at the beginning is now putting many, many people at risk. Once an animal realizes that it faces no consequences for it behavior, it's behavior will become more and more extreme.

Anonymous said...

I Mentioned Nothing About Race, But You Did, Didn't You. You Racist. If you’re So Smart Why are you a Liberal? And yes they are Animals Black, White or whatever the hell they are, it doesn’t matter. They are the lowest form of animal Grabbing walking around with guns, going from house to house and robbing and raping innocent people trying to protect what they have left. And they are shooting at the very people who are trying to help them. It makes me laugh when people are told the truth; they automatically think Of Fox News. If you can't stand the truth, watch LBC or CBL They'll take care of all your liberal need. And place the guilt on you...Jackass.

Anonymous said...

And another thing if it did happen to me I’m sure the first thing I would think of is Knocking over a Wal-Mart for a TV.