Thursday, August 25, 2005

Your Call Is Important To Us

When will Paul Martin speak to George Bush about the decision to ignore the NAFTA ruling against U.S. duties on Canadian softwood exports?

After he's finished jetting around to fundraisers on the taxpayers' dime?

As soon as he thanks Eric Clapton for sticking up for him against Bono and Bob Geldof on foreign aid?

Once he's done washing his hair, maybe?

Or maybe he realizes that his government has insulted its biggest trading partner once too often, and that he'll get the back of the hand for his efforts? Our forestry industry is going to pay the price for years of casual insults and opposition to the war on Islamic terror.

But who cares if a few loggers lose their jobs in defence of Canadian values? It's not like they'd vote Liberal in the B.C. interior, anyway.

Source: CTV

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