Thursday, August 25, 2005

Crime Fighter

Finally! The Tories take leadership on an issue that they own!

Harper Announces Conservative Party’s Task Force on Safe Streets and Healthy Communities

If the public transit tax credit failed to move Toronto voters, this issue just might.

People are mad as hell here about the latest rash of shootings and Mayor Miller's fatuous responses to it. Everybody knows what the main problem is--Jamaican gangs--but our civic leaders are too damn politically correct to come out and say it lest they be branded racists.

Blaming the Americans and calling for armouries to store hunting rifles in just doesn't cut it anymore, even among the champagne socialist set in the Annex who wet their designer culottes in fear at the mere mention of "gun" or "Stephen Harper".

Everyone can see the image of Toronto as a squeaky-clean, peaceful, tolerant, diverse multicultural metropolis (New York run by the Swiss, as the late Sir Peter Ustinov put it) is false, the Potemkin village of Trudeaupia. You just have to take a stroll down Queen Street west of Spadina or Sherbourne & Dundas to see Toronto's malignant underbelly. Or make one's way past the vagrants anywhere.

Crime isn't just something that happens in Jane-Finch, Parkdale, or Regent Park. All of Toronto takes the hit in the public image, and if we don't do something about, Toronto will be mentioned in the same tones of fear and loathing as Detroit.

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