Thursday, August 04, 2005

Premier Peter?

Peter MacKay is dismissing rumours that he's heading back to Nova Scotia to replace Premier John Hamm.

Why should he? The premiership would be a step backwards for MacKay's federal Tory leadership ambitions. As an opposition front-bench critic, MacKay doesn't build up a negative public record the way he would have to as a premier with governing responsibilities.

And if he lost the next provincial election, he'd be finished politically.

Premiers also have generally failed as federal party leaders; for some unknown reason, they don't make the transition as well as state governors do to the U.S. presidency.

No, Peter had best stay put where he is.

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McGuire said...

This is an old rumour I first heard about a year or so ago. It ain't gonna happen, but may if the Tories win the next NS election (which they look set to do) & the CPC loses the next federal election & MacKay doesn't become leader. The odds are against IMO, but I don't think it should be discounted