Sunday, August 28, 2005

CBC Lockout Watch, Day 14

Voices of despair rise in a chorus across the land as a fortnight without CBC takes its toll on its loyal listeners:

Helen White from Guelph, ON: "It has been a real blow in recent days to realize how dependant I am on the CBC and how lost I feel without it."

Carol Trainor in Toronto, ON: "I miss waking up to Andy Barrie and The Current, and going to sleep to Between the Covers."

Heather Menzies in Ottawa, ON: "I am feeling locked out of my own country, my own society and culture by the CBC lockout."

A quick scan of various editorial pages reveals a trend that CBC On The Line is replicating: the bulk of the letters to the editor from viewers and listeners who miss CBC's regular programming are from women. Any ideas why?

CTV pours salt into CBC's wounds with a Decima poll confirming that the CBC lockout is passing almost unnoticed by the public:

Ten per cent of respondents to the Decima survey said the labour dispute at the public broadcaster is "a major inconvenience" while 27 per cent called it "a minor inconvenience.'"

Sixty-one per cent reported no impact at all.


About one in four people said they were watching or listening to CBC less since the dispute began, says the Decima survey, which is considered accurate to within 3.1 per cent, 19 times out of 20.

Those who said they were most inconvenienced by the lockout tended to be Liberal and NDP voters or older people, the poll found. Most other respondents said they had not been affected.

Scott Reid and David Herle must be breaking out into hives at these numbers. The longer the lockout continues, the greater the possibility becomes of an election during which CBC will be hors de combat. Without the CBC to keep Liberal voters in line with at least the daily two minutes hate against Stephen Harper, the Liberals will have to lean that much harder on all other media outlets to preach the true and living gospel.

Let's hope that they don't come back until the day after the election. Watching the CBC announce the news of a Conservative victory that they were powerless to prevent will be a glorious moment indeed.

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