Sunday, August 21, 2005

No Place For A Warrior

The Canadian myth of the kinder, gentler, peacekeeping army has claimed another casualty:

Canadian Forces sniper who set a distance record by killing an al-Qaida fighter from more than two kilometres away has quit in frustration and may go into mercenary work.

Master Cpl. Arron Perry made national headlines twice in 2002: the first was anonymous, after he shot an al-Qaida fighter in Afghanistan from 2,430 metres, a world record.

The second was public and ugly. Perry, 33, and a 13-year veteran, was accused of discreditable conduct after he allegedly cut the finger off an al-Qaida corpse, defecated on another and then had his picture taken with a corpse that had a lit cigarette hanging from his lips and a sign around his neck reading "F**k Terrorism."

The investigation was eventually dropped and no charges were ever laid, but Perry's reputation was left in tatters.

A military ombudsman's investigation was launched into whether Perry and other snipers, who were seconded to an American unit to provide cover fire and support, were unfairly treated after their return from Afghanistan.

Five of the snipers received the Bronze Star from the U.S. military for their efforts, which included killing about 20 members of al-Qaida.

If you want to see the difference between the traditional warrior ethos and the peacekeeper ethos, look no further than Aaron Perry.

The U.S. Army saw a hero and gave him a medal.

The Canadian Army saw a troublemaker and gave him grief.

The best comment on the Aaron Perry saga I've seen comes from a poster on the Sniper Country website (expletives not deleted for context):

M/Cpl Aaron Perry - the Cdn Sniper from 3rd BN PPLCI (the one you mentioned) is more in shit more because he told a Padre (Chaplain) to fuck off than anything else.

At their OP there was a dead Tali and a sign was written on it "FUCK TERRORISM".

M/CPL Perry had already been recommened by US forces for the BSV for his action in theatre.

The Padre approached and commented on the sign on the body.

Aaron (from my understanding) then said "Fuck off"

He was then sent home from A'stan, and has been sitting around here, awaitimg his fate.

From my shoes - nothing he has done is wrong. And yes HE IS GETTING THE SHITTY END OF THE STICK - As the CF appears willign to hanging him out for fear of looking like it is covering up something (circa Somalia March 93)

If this was a peacetime drill - yeah telling a Capt (regardless of trade) to F off would be wrong - but it was not a peacetime trg ex...

Take Everything in context before you pass sentence.

Would we rather have M/Cpl Perry as a mercenary killing for some African tyrant or Colombian drug lord, or fighting for Queen and country? Guess the brass have given us and him our answer.

Source: Edmonton Sun


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