Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Blushing Bridegroom

The Ottawa political wedding of the century may be taking place a few months from now, as Public Works Minister Scott Brison muses about tying the knot with his new boyfriend.

One wonders why, if being out, loud and proud is perfectly natural, that Scott Brison hasn't said anything about this new man in his life publicly, not even his name.

He kept his old boyfriend out of sight whenever he went back to Kings-Hants for public events, even after he came out of the closet. And now he's keeping this supposed new love of his life under the same cloak of invisibility.

What courageous commitment to high moral principle Brison is showing by hiding his lover away! If he really believes in same-sex marriage and equal public treatment for homosexuals, he should treat him no differently than most politicians treat their opposite-sex spouses.

Show him off to the folks back home. Speak of him publicly as his greatest source of strength and inspiration. Put photos of you and him together on your campaign brochures and Christmas cards. Give him a great big kiss on the lips at the press conference where you announces your wedding plans. And have it at the Cheverie United Church, with the media on hand to take pictures for the front pages.

Be the exemplar of the new Canada and of Liberal Party values! Marry your boyfriend and have your honeymoon at taxpayers' expense!

Source: Globe and Mail


Anonymous said...

This is only a deliberate Liberal distraction strategy aimed to divert attention from the corruption and scandals, with the possiblity of picking up some queer vote from the NDP.

C.L. said...

We shall wait and see if our 'most sensitive of all public servants' will let his 'gay pride' show through. We, as Canadians, must 'rise to the occasion' & show our world what kind of absolute depravity, indeed separates the Atlantic, Pacific & Arctic oceans, live & in colour, above the 49th parallel.

That's the way, uh huh, uh huh, I see it...