Monday, October 24, 2005

Canadian Quagmire

Our sons are being sacrificed by a heartless government that only cares about its friends' profits! We're going to be bogged down for years in an expensive and bloody quagmire! The local insurgents will slaughter whole divisions! We can't impose democracy on them because they're not suited for it! Even if the old regime murdered thousands of innocents, it was still better than the alternative!

But where are the moonbat protestors in the streets to protest our country's latest imperialist military adventure?

Insurgents who have attacked Canadians in Afghanistan with rockets and bombs in recent weeks won't be eliminated overnight, Gen. Rick Hillier says.

Fresh from visiting Canada's troops in Kabul and Kandahar, the country's top general warns that allied nations are in for a long fight to suppress the uprising — a signal that Canada could be embroiled in the Central Asian country for years to come.

"It's going to take time," said Canada's chief of defence staff.

"You're not going to stamp it out in one easy go. People can hide in the mountains. They can hide in the population and they can spring up and strike," he said in an interview.

When Canadian soldiers die--and they will, such being the nature of war--will the streets fill with the usual gangs of radical left-wing protestors demanding that Canada stop toadying to U.S. imperialism?

Will CBC lead the propaganda campaign against Paul Martin's government for needlessly leaving men to die on Afghanistan's plains?

Or will they respond with the same deafening silence that marked their response to the Kosovo misadventure?

Is the anti-war crowd merely against right-wing governments' wars?

Source: Toronto Star

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