Monday, October 03, 2005

CBC Lockout Watch, Day 50: Done Deal

Due to circumstances beyond our control, regularly scheduled programming will resume at CBC. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Here are the highlights of the agreement in principle between the CBC and CMG:

• we have a strong commitment to permanent staff as the standard for employment at the CBC.
• We have improved rights for contract and temporary employees.
• Wages will increase by 12.6 percent over the life of the contract to March 31, 2009. There will be full retroactivity for all employees on the payroll prior to the lockout, including contract and temporary employees. There will also be a $1000 signing bonus.

And for the first time for our members in the Northern Service, there will be an interpreters’ premium of $800.00 per year for those who are required to work in more than one language.

We will be meeting the minister of labour Monday morning and will continue the rest of the work for a tentative agreement.

The Globe and Mail reports that management has agreed to a cap on fixed-term contract workers: 9.5% of the number of permanent workers.

The union won the battle over casual and contract employees hands down. Forcing management to accept a hard cap will tie CBC's hands for the life of the contract and means more work for the permanent staff.

With Hockey Night in Canada back on the air this week and the likely prospect of a fall election, there was no way in hell that the Liberals were going to let this weekend pass without a deal. Let Hockey Night in Canada pass by--CBC management can worry about the ad revenue. An election without CBC setting the Liberal-friendly tone for media coverage--unthinkable!

There'll be celebratory riots in the Annex and Cabbagetown tonight.

And I can finally get back to ignoring and hating CBC simultaneously.

Further coverage when I get back from the office tonight.

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Laurence said...

Hey, Loyalist, don't ignore us completely (as if you could!).
I'm with Robin Rowland on this one. We NEED you.
You're the kind of 'rabid right-wing etc., etc' that keeps us 'left-wing loonies' on the straight and narrow.
You do the work and we respect you for that. C'mon out and join the conversation more frequently.
Thank you for your efforts.