Wednesday, October 05, 2005

St. George Crossed

English prison guards have been warned not to wear pins of England's national flag, the Cross of St. George, for fear that it will offend Muslim prisoners who associate it with its Crusader symbolism.

Chris Doyle, director of the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding, said Tuesday the red cross was an insensitive reminder of the Crusades.

"A lot of Muslims and Arabs view the Crusades as a bloody episode in our history," he told CNN. "They see those campaigns as Christendom launching a brutal holy war against Islam.

"Muslim or Arab prisoners could take umbrage if staff wore a red cross badge. It's also got associations with the far-right. Prison officers should be seen to be neutral."

Doyle added that it was now time for England to find a new flag and a patron saint who is "not associated with our bloody past and one we can all identify with."

Surrenders on small issues such as these inevitably convince the Muslim terrorists and their supporters that their enemies are soft, decadent, and unwilling to fight for what they believe in.

Banning Piglet and the Cross of St. George will not pacify people who have been taught by their religion from birth that they must conquer the infidel world for Islam.

If anything, it will encourage them to make more outrageous demands from a position of strength, and use force to obtain them if they are not met.

Suck on this, jihadi bastards!

This too, for Georgia!

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