Thursday, October 06, 2005

Martha Comes North

Martha Stewart's visit to beautiful, cosmpolitan Windsor, Nova Scotia will not turn into a pumpkin after all.

But she'll get to row across Lake Pesaquid in one.

Bad enough that she couldn't come for a visit while terrorists and mobsters get offered complimentary citizenship.

Worse still that a celebrity can pull rank and get in to the country just because she's a celebrity.

Worst of all, Scott Brison will try to take the credit for saving the locals' big party.

1 comment:

David Simpson said...

Well, she is coming for the "Make a Wish Foundation" after all. And I doubt she is likely to engage in any insider trading while in Nova Scotia.
As far as I know, Canada sin felons all the time. All they need is a Ministerial Permit and these are usually expedited for celebrities, athletes and musicians.
I don't think this particular case justifies causing a fuss.