Thursday, October 27, 2005

Gomery Taking Chretien Down?

The first part of the Gomery inquiry report into Adscam hasn't been released yet, but it looks like someone in PMO has been arranging for a couple of well-timed leaks to make Paul Martin look innocent and Jean Chretien look even guiltier than he is.

The first one last week allegedly exonerated Paul Martin from any knowledge or involvement, although you'd think that looking incompetent is almost as bad as looking complicit.

This most recent leak allegedly has Gomery laying serious blame on Jean Chretien:

Lawyers for Jean Chrétien requested a private meeting with Mr. Justice John Gomery after the former prime minister received a letter saying the head of the sponsorship inquiry was considering making an allegation of misconduct against him, The Globe and Mail has learned.

Mr. Chrétien was combative after receiving the letter last spring, and his lawyers felt it did not contain enough details to allow them to prepare their final submission to Judge Gomery's inquiry in June, sources said.

Judge Gomery met with Mr. Chrétien's lawyers in Montreal in June but refused to provide further details, the sources said.

"The request was presented behind closed doors, and it was rejected," one source said.

Read between the lines: Gomery is going to drop the hammer on Chretien, Chretien knew that, and tried to get Gomery to take the blame off him and maybe throw more of it on Martin.

The Chretien-Martin civil war is still raging two years after it should have been over, and the Gomery inquiry is just another battlefield.

Source: Globe and Mail

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