Saturday, October 29, 2005

Land Of Broken Promises

Every year, thousands of people emigrate to Canada in search of a better life for themselves and their families.

Many of these immigrants came here because of a cruel bait-and-switch trick that the federal government plays on them. Immigration officers promise well-paid employment to professionally qualified immigrants, who then come here only to find out that their qualifications aren't recognized and won't be unless they repeat years of study of what they already know by heart. And even if they are, they often find it harder to get work because employers demand Canadian work experience.

And so we have surgeons driving taxis and engineers cleaning toilets, their skills being wasted while jobs go begging for want of qualified applicants.

Rempelia Prime has found Not, a website dedicated to warning people prospective immigrants not to fall for our government's false promises of professional prosperity.

A related site, Canada Immigrant Job Issues, points the finger right at the Liberal government's institutionalized corruption:

The Canadian government persists in giving away millions of dollars to bureaucrats, subcontractors, and “non-profit” agencies that have only done one thing right; being government-friendly beneficiaries of this lavish cronyism.

The government’s lack of leadership is solved by keeping its thick bureaucracy happy - just to lessen the public outcry. And of course, by being nice to their close friends who plunder the treasury, declare bankruptcy, or otherwise benefit from rich government contracts that pay well.

But in terms of immigration policy, taxation and the economy, who pays for this lack of vision? The ones who bring billions of dollars, not only in cash, but also in skills to Canada; independent/skilled immigrants. The government is directly responsible of this multibillion dollar fiasco, and so it has to be accountable for the de-skilling process and decapitalization that each foreign professional suffers as soon as he arrives here.

The Liberal Party has no more respect for immigrants than its has for native-born Canadians. Immigrants are simply another group to exploit with false promises and bribes in exchange for eternal gratitude to the Liberal Party, to be duly expressed in the polling booth at election time.

They're here to do the dirty work, and they'd better be happy about it.

But immigrant communities will not be fooled forever. As word gets back to their home countries of the Canadian government's duplicity, professionally qualified people are either going to stay home or go elsewhere.

They've had enough of being poster children for the Trudeaupian multiculturalist myth, being trotted out whenever the Liberals need to pat themselves on the back for their tolerance, then being shoved out of sight when they complain.

If the government really wants immigrants to run forklifts and clean hotel rooms, it should be upfront about it. We'll get the people who aspire to doing just that while laying the foundations for their children to do better. And we won't have Canada's reputation sullied as a nation of liars.

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