Thursday, October 13, 2005

Parrish Stomps Out

Carolyn Parrish, the shrieking virago who has been misrepresenting the good folk of Mississauga-Erindale since 1993, will not be seeking re-election to Parliament

If she doesn't run to succeed Hazel McCallion as mayor of Mississauga, maybe she'll be joining Cindy Sheehan on her Hate Across America caravan tour.

Or the government can reward her distinguished public service by appointing her ambassador to some tin-pot Islamic dictatorship.

No woman has done more to make the revival of the cucking-stool for common scolds a reasonable law reform proposal.

Au revoir, Carolyn.

Source: CTV


kariba said...

I think she should be made an Ambassador to Iran. I can't wait to see her in her burqa ;)

Anonymous said...

" ... the good folk ..." ??? They voted her in ... twice !!! 'Nuf said.