Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Together

What more do Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay have to do to convince the media that they can work together without having to be bosom buddies?

Peter MacKay, for one, is tired of having to explain that he and Mr. Harper are getting along just fine, so he's explaining that fact in terms the Liberal-friendly media can understand:

"We have a good professional working relationship. This (tension) has been exaggerated," MacKay told CTV's Question Period yesterday. "This is nothing like the tensions that went on between Martin and Chretien where (Martin) was undermining him for years and engaged in a bloodless coup in his own province."

The media thrives on conflict; if none exists, they'll invent it. Not necessarily out of bias or malice, but because they've been trained to find and report it from day one in journalism school. Nothing else hooks readers quite like it.

The Chretien-Martin civil war in the Liberal Party was good for thousands of stories over the years, but with no obvious successor to Martin ready to take him down, the media's natural bias and desire to report political conflict have led them to work up a similar Harper-MacKay rift.

Too bad for them that neither man will oblige them.

Source: Winnipeg Sun

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